Training Full Choke Chain Collar for Dogs

- High quality stainless steel polished with chrome.

- Customized to fit loosely.

- Well welded to prevent easy breakage.

- Provides dynamic look and that spark-n-spunk to your pets.

- Designed as per safety norms.

As low as ₹80.00
In stock
As low as ₹80.00
In stock
Training Choke Chain

Choke chains are customized chained collars (preferably used for dogs) that are made to fit loosely and can be customized to tighten it to exercise adequate control over the pet. Over the past few decades choke chains too have undergone a face lift when pet owners wanted to add more substance to hone the personality of their dogs. That’s how choke chains started coming in different styles. In simple terms when two ends of traditional choke chains are affixed to an external loop it’s called as a Semi Choke Chain. 

The high quality stainless steel is polished with chrome plating to give that dynamic look to your pet. You would seldom find a police dog or bomb squad dog without a choke chain around its neck. This product is made as per international safety norms and avoids all kinds of choking hazards. Each end of the choke chain has a circular ring which varies in its diameter. The smaller ring is inserted in the larger opening on the other end to make the perfect collar for your pet.

Features :

- Well Welded.

- High Quality Stainless Steel.

- Chrome Plated.

Choke Chains are an excellent dog training tool as they help you teach your dog obedience commands and leash manners.

Guide to use :

Attach the leash to the ring that does not have the collar sliding through it. From the leash, the collar runs over the top of the dog's neck and then around to the other ring. When placed on your dog in this manner, pulling on the leash will cause the collar to tighten. When you relax the leash, the collar loosens.

Caution: Intended to be used as a training aid for your dog. It should not be worn at all times. Do not use with a stationary tie-out. Follow directions closely. Injuries may potentially occur if collars are incorrectly placed on the dog or used improperly. Always supervise your pet when using this product.

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