Stainless Steel Slow Down Feeding Dog Bowl

- Designed to slow down feeding.

- Used for dry or wet food, suitable for all size dogs, large, medium and small.

- Slow feed dog bowl can’t guarantee to completely prevent bloating, regurgitation and canine obesity, but we can help modify the eating behavior that often leads to it.

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Stainless Steel Slow Down Bowl


Slow Feeding Dog Bowl, Large Over-eagerness in eating, is a problem which many dogs display in their daily food-consumption routine. Pet owners many a times live under the apprehension that this practice goes away as the dogs mature, but it actually aggravates and becomes a habit. Though you can be assured that you are not the only one facing this problem, but nevertheless it is a very unsafe practice. It might lead to serious consequences as it is not natural for a dog, who is supposed to be a hunter in nature, to gobble up on large quantities of food very fast. Since you cant do much in asking your fur-ball to slow down, you can definitely use the Slow Feeding Bowl to disable the fast eating process!

Veterinarians across the globe emphasize on the fact that slow feeding is healthy and it helps reduce the problems of bloat, obesity, regurgitation and so on. Slow Feeding Bowls are built in with a solid hurdle in the centre such that your dog takes up only the prescribed amount of portion at a time. These bowls come in different sizes which can be selected as per the age and size of your dog.

Precaution to be taken to make before the switch

Supervise your dog's use of the bowl until you are confident it can be used safely without supervision. This bowl is designed to encourage slow, healthy eating habits but it is your responsibility to ensure the correct use of this product. If your dog needs encouragement, try adding some of their favourite treats to the food to encourage them to eat from the new slow feed dog bowl. If on the other hand they are too enthusiastic, to begin with let them eat most of their meal from their standard bowl and give them the last little bit of the meal in the new slow feed bowl, until they are used to eating from it. This way they are less likely to be hungry and get frustrated when it is first introduced to them.

- Does your dog eat too fast, also swallow a lot of air? 
- Does your dog have poor eating habits?
- Does your puppy suffer from bloating and hiccups after meals? 
- Does your furry friend swallow his food whole without chewing, always missing out on the first stage in the digestive process?

No More Overeating!
Designed with ridges and valleys that break up the bowl's surface area, which prevents your dog from being able to inhale their food in one or two gulps, or even vacuum up their food in seconds.

Maze Design
Your dog has to eat around the shapes, causing him to pause and chew each mouthful properly, improves digestion and helps prevent bloat, regurgitation and canine obesity.

Make Fun
It's natural for dogs to play with their food. Our bowl will help to restore your dogs natural eating habits and add a bit of fun to every bite. Meal times will become more interesting and healthy.


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