Slicker Brush with Gel Grip for Dogs and Cats

- Removes knots tangles, mats and loose fur easily.

- Suitable for pets with short as well as long hair.

- Won’t remove spot flea treatments.

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As low as ₹575.00
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Slicker with Gel Grip

What is a Slicker Brush?

A Slicker Brush is a pet grooming tool used on dogs and cats, with the primary purpose of getting rid of any debris, loose hair and mats/ knots in the fur. It is typically rectangular in shape and has fine wire bristles, packed tightly together. Each wire bristle is angled slightly as to not scratch the skin. Other than for removing dirt and hair, this brush is ideal for keeping your animal’s coat in good condition, with the bristles distributing oil through the fur.

Advantages :

- This brush can be used on both dogs and cats.

- It is easy to use.

- It’s great at removing tangles.

- It removes dead skin and dirt.

Description :

Slicker Brush removes dirt, adds shine and makes brushing a breeze. This brush makes brushing your pet’s hair a breeze. It quickly penetrates mats and tangles and gently removes knots. This unique product helps make brushing time fun. This new design removes mats, tangles, knots and loose hair from your pet’s fur coat in a jiffy. Suitable for pets with Short as well as long hair. The simple bristles help keep your pet clean and tear free.

It is specially designed to smooth, detangle and remove foreign bodies from the coat of dogs and cats of all breeds. It easily removes loose hair and the nodes of the middle coat, long, smooth or beaded, leaving the mantle full of softness, shine and volume. It is an essential part for the daily maintenance of the hair.

How Often to Brush/Groom Your Dog

How often to brush and groom your dog will depend on each individual dog. Dogs tend to differ in their need for brushing because of their coat type and length and also depending on their recent activities.

Dogs with short coats generally require less brushing and grooming compared to dogs with medium to long haired coats as these longer coats can get tangles, mats and debris trapped in them more easily.

Some very short-haired dogs may not need traditional ‘brushing’ and for these dogs, owners may instead like to try a soft grooming glove to gently remove loose hair, occasionally.

Dogs should be brushed ‘as required’. Owners should monitor the condition of their dog’s coat, looking for any tangles/mats or dullness which indicates they might need a brush. Grooming can take anything from a few minutes to several hours a week depending on your type of dog.


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