Play Wheel Hamster Toys

- Comfortable Pet Exercise Wheel to encourage healthy exercise.

- Detachable design makes assembly easy.

- Silent, non-slip and safe wheel for your pet.

- Free Standing Exercise Wheel and can be directly placed in cage.

As low as ₹255.00
In stock
As low as ₹255.00
In stock
Play Wheel Hamster

Hamster Wheels : Why your hamster needs a wheel?

A hamster wheel is a popular addition to many hamster cages. But what are hamster wheels for? What types of hamster wheels are available? And should you get a wheel for your hamster?

Hamster wheels allow hamsters to run even though they don’t have a lot of room in their cages. In the wild, a hamster can run for several miles in a single night, but they obviously can’t do this if they’re confined to a cage. At least, not without a wheel.

With a wheel, your hamster can run surprisingly long distances without ever having to leave home. In fact, hamsters running in wheels have been known to run more than 5 miles in a single night!

All this running is great exercise for your hamster, which means they’re more likely to stay fit and healthy and not get too fat! It’s also thought that hamsters enjoy running as it goes some way towards replacing exploring, which they would do in the wild but can’t do in a cage.

Features :

- Brand new and running wheel suitable for hamsters gerbils and other furry friends.

- Plastic running surface is safe and comfortable for your furry friends, feet can be used standing or attached to cage.

- Install plastic caterpillar on both sides of running wheels then install on the bracket material plastic.


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