Nylon Rope Collar with Leash Set

- Nylon rope collar and leash set 2-in-1 piece.

- It has soft finishing which keeps the pets comfortable.

- It is made of high quality material and comfortable to your pets.

- Suitable for all dogs.

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Nylon Rope Collar with Leash

The Importance Of Dog Collars & Leashes

In addition to helping you keep your pet safe, collars also provide a place to hang your dog’s identification tags which contain their name and yours, a phone number. In the event your dog does get loose and can’t find their way home, a collar with ID tags attached ensure that the sweet soul that finds your runaway canine will easily know how to get them home.

Safety aside, there’s also another big reason for collaring, and thereby leashing, your dog: training. Some collars are designed specifically as training tools, but the ones that aren’t are still a valuable tool in teaching your dog to mind their P’s and Q’s.

For example, it’d be much harder to teach your pup to heel if they couldn’t begin by learning to associate the word with the action. A slight tug of the leash used in conjunction with the verbal command is a much stronger training tool than verbal commands alone.

Size Chart :

- 1 Inch collar is suitable for small dogs.

- 1.25 Inch collar is suitable for all medium to large dogs.

- 1.5 Inch and 2 inch collar is suitable for all big dogs.

Leash Features :

Walk your dog with this super comfy leash that is made of premium nylon material that adds comfort and durability.

- Premium nylon material for extra comfort and durability.

- High-quality hardware that is built to last longer.

Collar Features :

Lightweight for comfort, it is secured by a snap buckle closure for convenience. You can use the separate ID tag attachment without worrying about the noise. This attachment is made from hardened plastic to prevent any noise.

- Conventional flat collar for dogs.

- Made with Nylon.

- ID Tag attachment.

- Lightweight for comfort.

- Adjustable fit.

Don’t Risk Your Dog’s Life

Whether you opt for a simple set-up or one that’s more involved, the main thing is that you choose a collar and leash combo. It will not only make it easy for you to control your pet in group situations, but it’s also an effective training tool to teach your pet that they don’t always have to lead. Sometimes, it’s nice to just follow.

Safety Notes :

Puppies grow quickly, so it is extremely important to adjust the size of his collar as he gets bigger. Check the collar’s fit frequently during your dog’s first year of life and periodically after that. You should be able to slip two fingers comfortably underneath of the collar.

Note: As different computers display colour differently, the colour of the actual item may vary slightly from the images, thanks for your understanding.

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