Multicolour Ball Bird Toys for Parrots, African Greys, Budgies, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds

- Suitable for cleaning and removing teeth plaque for your birds or pets.

- Rubber ball helps birds develop good chewing habits.

- Wonderful play toy for your pet birds having fun.

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Multicolour ball Bird Toy

Why birds need toys?

Allowing your bird to chew on toys helps keep his beak in shape, as well. Another instinct that toys fulfill is the need to forage. Because pet birds spend a majority of their time on their feet, interactive toys help birds stay active and receive exercise.

It is very common for birds to become bored and develop behavioural problems. Toys solve this problem by keeping your bird so busy that he won't resort to feather-picking or excessive screaming.

Why do birds play?

All play that wild birds may use helps them develop necessary survival skills. Chasing play strengthens wing muscles and helps young birds develop greater agility in the air, or for terrestrial birds, strengthens their legs and helps them be more agile when running.

Toys also give your bird a challenge and encourage him to solve a problem. Puzzle toys create an engaging environment and motivate your bird to use problem-solving skills. To provide your bird with additional stimulation, offer him toys with a variety of textures, sounds, sizes, tastes, and colours. 

Toys are necessary for your bird's physical and mental well-being.

Features :

The main features are designed for birds to play, color non-toxic soft rubber, soft and tough, flexible. Inside the ball with 1 bell, a sweet voice, more attractive to the interests of pet play.

Not only can be used as pet training tools, and can meet the needs of small animal naturally active hobby, make your pet more healthy, lively and lovely.

Note: As different computers display colour differently, the colour of the actual item may vary slightly from the images, thanks for your understanding.

Tip: Remember to choose toys that are appropriate for your bird's size and personality. Large birds might choke on toys that are too small, and smaller birds may become afraid by a toy that is too large.

Bird toys can become expensive, but they are crucial for your sanity and your bird's!

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