Meo Wet Cat Food, Sardine with Chicken and Rice - 80 gm

- Made from real meat and real fish.

- Boosts cats immune system and strengthens teeth and bones.

- Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin d help strengthen teeth and bones.

- Omega-3 and omega-6 from high quality oil in combination with zinc will help nourish the cats hair and skin.

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Me-O Sardine


Me-O Wet food features real meat and real fish, delivering a variety of textures and flavors that cats adore. Give your cats a mouthwatering meal that they will savour from the first bite of Me-O wet food.

For cats that already enjoy Me-O dry cat food, you can make mealtime even more delicious. We recommend using Me-O wet food as a topper for your nutritional kibbles to enhance the flavor and maximize your cat’s pleasure.

NoteClean drinking water should be available for your cats all times.

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