Lozalo Body Splash Spray (Deodorant), Dew - 100 ml

- Exotic Fragrance enriched with calendula to make every day a refreshing day.

- Leaves coat soft, managable and smelling sweet.

- Scent - Dew.

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Lozalo Body Splash Spray (Deodorant), Dew - 100 ml


Lozalo Body Splash Spray is a Royal Treatment for your Special Dog which contains OLV-300 an effective moisturizer & emollient made from natural Olive-oil. Sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburns & ageing. Aloe vera extract is a natural moisturizer & gives protection against sun-rays. Addition of calendula helps to give soothening effect on the body.

With this Lozalo Body Splash, you no longer have to bathe your dog as often and you can still manage to eliminate the problem of stinking fur. Also available in 6 other essences, this body splash can be easily carried around in your bag and is safe for regular use on the dog's fur. With this body splash in your set of toiletries, rest assured that it will always leave the dog smelling fragrant and fresh. Packed in a sleek bottle with a spray, this body splash helps ensure that the dog's fur doesn't stink too much, therefore causing bother to people around. Lozalo offers you a range of body care products for your pets.

Pampering Your Dog With Its Own Cologne

Giving your dog his own perfume is definitely the next step in grooming. It is more than just giving him a bath and getting his coat trimmed. Dog perfume is a whole new level of pampering your animal buddy.

Dog perfumes and colognes have evolved to meet the needs of consumers with four-legged friends. Since perfumes are considered an accessory, like outfits and jewelries, the way you dress and pamper your dog reflects your personal style. So if are into perfumes, you can now buy one exclusively for your dog.

Most dog perfumes temporarily cover up bad smells and leaves coat soft, managable and smelling sweet.

Key Ingredients : Moisturizer, Emollient, Sun screen, Aloe Vera, Exotic Fragrances, Calendula, Aroma Oil, Aqua.

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