Gnawlers Calcium Bone Dog Treat - Medium, 4 in 1

  • - Contains affordable level of Calcium
  • - No artificial flavours or colours additional
  • - Freshen breath and clean teeth
  • - Highly digestible
  • - Calcium Made
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Gnawlers Calcium Bone Dog Treat - 4 in 1

Gnawlers calcium milk bone is scientifically engineered and with all food grade of raw materials with no artifical flavours or colours. It contains affordable level of calcium that may balance micrielement assimelated by dog, sufficient cellulose and bush that may promote dog's digestive system and clean teeth and freshen breath.The product options edible and extremely digestible that your dogs love.

Gnawler Milk Bones are scientifically engineered with all food grade raw materials, no artificial flavours/colours and with adequate levels of calcium. It is easily digestible, cleans teeth and freshens breath. Go ahead and let your furry friend munch away his/her time!


Milk powder, Sodium caseinate, Calciumcarbonate, Cereal cellulose, Gelatin YuccaI, MO Natural flavour, Rosemary extract.

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