Flea Comb Grooming Tool for Pets

Effectively removes fleas and debris.

- Reduces hairfall and results in shiner coat.

- Durable stainless steel pet comb teeth.

- Comfortable, lightweight and easy grip.

- For all types of pets.

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Flea Comb

Why Brush/Groom Your Pet?

Brushing and combing your pet’s hair coat is an important part of general pet care. Brushing helps to keep your pet’s coat in good condition by removing loose hair and preventing hair mats/knots. Brushing also helps to distribute healthy natural skin oils over the hair shaft, promoting a shiny coat and helping dirt to slide off the hair. This can also help to reduce the need to bath and therefore reduce the frequency of bathing.

Brushing and grooming are activities that help to strengthen the positive relationship bond between pets and their owners. Brushing should be a pleasant and comfortable experience for pets and owners.

 Brush your cat or dog several times a week, even if it has short hair. This will cut down on hairballs, which cats almost always vomit or eliminate in the litter box. Sometimes, though, a severe hairball can cause stomach or intestinal blockages. Hairballs aren't as big a problem for dogs, but they do occur.

How Often to Brush/Groom Your Pet?

How often to brush and groom your pet will depend on each individual pet. Pets tend to differ in their need for brushing because of their coat type and length and also depending on their recent activities.

Pets with short coats generally require less brushing and grooming compared to pets with medium to long haired coats as these longer coats can get tangles, mats and debris trapped in them more easily.

Some very short-haired pets may not need traditional ‘brushing’ and for these pets, owners may instead like to try a soft grooming glove to gently remove loose hair, occasionally.

Pets should be brushed ‘as required’. Owners should monitor the condition of their pet’s coat, looking for any tangles/mats or dullness which indicates they might need a brush. Grooming can take anything from a few minutes to several hours a week depending on your type of pet.

Why is a Flea Comb a Must for Your Pet?

A Flea comb is a grooming tool for your pet. Following are the reasons why you should use it:

- Keeps your pet disease-free: A flea comb is used to remove ticks and fleas and can protect your pet from several diseases like Murine Typhus, Mycoplasma haemofelis, Tapeworms or scratch diseases.

- No side effects: Flea comb do not require the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides or harsh dips unlike other flea treatment options such as flea treatment shampoos. Thus cat owners can be assured that there will be no side effects on their pets when they use a flea comb.

- Pain-free & itch-free relief: A flea comb is an easy and natural way which gives pain-free and itch-free relief to your pet.

- Helps in increasing blood circulation: By running this flea comb all over the pet’s body, you increase it’s blood circulation. Consequently, your pet friend’s coat becomes soft and shiny.

Bonding time with your pet: It is a good way to bond with cats and dogs. It is something you would want to do if you have some idle time on weekends.

- Cheaper than other options: The flea combs do not cost much. Using a cat flea comb can be up to 50 percent cheaper than flea sprays or flea medicines.


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