Elizabeth Collar for Dogs and Cats

- Soft fabric edge make it breathable and comfortable.

- Made of high quality lightweight plastic.

- Enough depth prevent pet licking itself completely. 

- Adjustable hook & loop for fast open and close, on/off makes it easy and less stressful for pets.

- Great for pets recovery from surgical operation or injury. Helps overcome Lick-Bite, Itch-Scratch cycle. 

As low as ₹200.00
In stock
As low as ₹200.00
In stock
E Collar


Elizabethan collars, also known as space collars or E-collars, are plastic cones that are fitted around pets necks to keep them from excessively licking areas of their body. They also keep pets from cratching their faces or ears with their feet. The point of E-collars is to prevent self-trauma. They are often applied after surgeries or other medical treatments.

Importance of E-Collars

E-collars are generally placed for one simple reason – to prevent your pet from either licking, biting or scratching a wound or surgical site.  Even the most well-behaved pets will lick, bite or scratch at a wound or surgical site, if given the opportunity.  Sometimes the boredom of being home alone will result in a pet licking or scratching when they would not have otherwise.  Even if your pet is well behaved when you are around, you have no way of ensuring that your pet will not hurt him or herself when you are away. 

Size Guide

No 1 - Suitable for large dogs.

No 2,3 - Suitable for large to medium dogs.

No 4,5 - Suitable for medium to small dogs.

No 6,7 - Suitable for small dogs to puppies, kittens and cats.

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