Dog Munchies Chew Sticks Treat, Mutton

  • - Delicious natural rawhide
  • - It satisfies the natural urge to chew whilst reducing tartar and promoting healthy teeth and gums
  • - They are also the perfect treat at the time of teething
  • - Ideal for all breeds of dogs
Dog Munchies Mutton

Nutritional Rawhide Dog Chews are an invaluable dietary supplement for you pet. They satisfy their natural urge to chew and health for your pet. They satisfy their natural urge to chew and health prevents tarter. They are mad from top quality rawhide and are a rich source of protein for all breeds of dog.

Features :

- Offers a taste that dogs love and is also good for your dog's teeth.

- Breaks apart easily, ideal for light to moderate chewers.

- They are easily digestible and are highly palatable.

- Long lasting treats that provide hours of fun and entertainment for your dog.

- They are a natural way to satisfy your dog's instinctive urge to chew, which can reduce destructive behavior- something pet parents can really appreciate.

- These rawhide sticks helps reduce tartar-which is great for your dog's teeth and gums. So give your dog the tasty treat he deserves.

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