Chomp Dry Chicken Jerky & Pollock Sandwich Dog Treats - 80 gm

  • - Fine natural meat snack for dogs
  • - High protein, low fat and easily digestible
  • - Made up of natural ingredients
  • - No artificial colour & preservative, all natural
  • - Suitable for all dog breeds
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Chomp Dry Chicken Jerky & Pollock Sandwich

Varied meat sources are beneficial for your pet and these treats are low-fat and high on protein making them guilt-free. Feed your pet in recommended quantities only and make sure that you do not use this as a replacement for regular meals.

 Features :

  •  Dry chicken jerky and Pollock sandwich
  •  Not to be used as a replacement for meals
  •  Low Fat, High Protein
  •  Treat for dogs (can be used as training treats)
  •  Please feed your pet recommended quantities only
  •  Please check with your vet before you alter your pet’s diet
  •  Always have fresh water available for your pet
  •  To be fed under pet parent supervision
Ingredients : 
Chicken, Fish, Glycerin, Starch. Sorbitol, vegetable Protein, Propylene Glycol, Garlic Powder, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar, Colourants

Feeding Guide :

Small Dog (1-10 Kg): 10-20 grams/day
Medium Dog (10-25 Kg): 20-40 grams/day
Large Dog (25-45 Kg): 40-60 grams/day
Giant Dog (more than 45 Kg): 60-80 grams/day

Storage information :

Reseal the sack after opening & store in a refrigerator. Do not serve the desiccant to your pet.

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