Plush Scratching Chewing Teeth Grinding Catnip Funny Interactive Toys for Kittens and Cats - Fish Shaped

- Catnip is a natural, non-dddicting herb that encourages play in about 70% of cats.

- Type - Plush

- Colour - Blue, Yellow, Orange.

- Fun and exciting toy for your cat.

- It can satisfy curiosity and reduce anxiety of your cat as the healthy exercise.

- This toy provides a healthy outlet for your cat's natural hunting Instincts.

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Catnip Fish Toy

Why do cats play? – The Importance of Play for Your Cat

Play is the indoor cat’s way to hunt!

Even though it may seem like your cat sleeps most of the day, most cat parents will bet that you have been woken up by a loud noise at least once at 2 a.m. that was caused by your furry family member running around the house and getting into “trouble”.  Well the “trouble” that they are getting into could actually be their way of exercising their hunting instinct.

Cats sleep most of the day, about 16 hours, but when they are awake they need to move around and exercise. In the wild, cats get their physical exercise from hunting. Inside cats receive their exercise from playing with toys that simulate prey that would normally be found in the wild. Play provides more than just exercise because it also relieves anxiety, stress, and boredom.  When indoor cats do not have toys to play with, that is when they supplement their playful instincts with anything they can find around the house; curtains, toes, shoe laces, etc.  So when your cat is attacking everything they can get their paws on, they may just be looking for an outlet for their natural hunting instincts.

This is why play is so important.  Physical activity from play acts as a workout, keeping cats physically fit and enriches the pet’s quality of life and fosters a healthy relationship between the pet and their parents by alleviating what can be described as destructive behaviour.


If you have an energetic cat who loves to play then this is the perfect toy for your cat to expend that extra energy. We recommend this toy because of its fun colour and Natural Materials used. Your cat will love playing with this toy for hours.

Cats are natural hunters and a mouse is their favorite game. Keep your cat entertained all day with this Feather Tailed Mouse. A plush toy shaped like a mouse with a feather tail to entice your cat.


- A fun toy designed to encourage play.

- Made with non-toxic material that is safe for cats of all breeds and ages.

- Added feather to entice your cat to play.

- A traditional plush toy shaped like a mouse, interesting for felines.

- Helps to stop cats shedding & scratching to keep your home hair free, reduce unwanted scratching or clawing.


Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please understand. Make sure you don't mind before you order.

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