Canine Rawhide Pressed Chew Dog Bone - 5 inch, 1 Piece

- 100% All Natural

- Gum Massaging

- Tartar Control

- For all breeds of dogs

- Relieves boredom

- Made of rawhide

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Canine Rawhide 5 inch

What is Rawhide Anyway?

Rawhide is just that: the inner soft hide or skin of an animal. It is most commonly made from cows but, technically, can be made from any cleft hoofed livestock. Depending on where it’s manufactured, the ingredients could include hide from cow, pig, sheep, horse or even water buffalo. The animal itself may not be cause for concern, but how, where and in what conditions the animal was raised can affect the overall quality (thinner and drier) and safety of the product.

Why Do Our Dogs Love Rawhide So Much?

The urge to chew serves many purposes for your dog. As a puppy, it is a way to explore their environment and is natural when teething. As adults, dogs chew as a scavenging instinct, to play and to satisfy the urge to gnaw as a means to clean their teeth. Some dogs chew more because they are rewarded with attention, whether it’s positive or negative. And finally, for some dogs, chewing excessively is a reaction when they are anxious or stressed.

How Do Dogs Consume Rawhide?

It’s easy to see why Rawhide bones satisfy dogs’ urge to chew. It starts dry and then the dog’s chewing action combined with its saliva slowly softens the treat. Over time, they should be able to tear off small pieces that can easily pass through their digestive tracts.

Benefits :

Pressed bones are made from the best quality rawhide and has special features such as encourages chewing and also this product helps in avoiding dental problems. These rawhide presses bones can be given to your dogs throughout the day for them to chew.

Chewing increases mental stimulation relieving boredom, anxiety and frustration. Also cleans teeth naturally and helps control plaque and tartar build up. Minimize mischief and improve your pups overall oral health

Features :

  • Strengthen your dogs teeth by giving them with these chew sticks

  • Promotes playtime and is an efficient stress-free instrument

  • Giving chew toys that alter with the nutritional balance of a dog may lead to tartar buildup over a period of time

  • Made of quality rawhide

  • Satisfies the natural need to chew

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