Canine Choke Collar for Dogs, Black - Small

- Stainless steel chain that won't rust and O-ring and a sturdy nylon snap buckle that has a lockable tab to prevent accidental release.

- Enhances training.

- This collar is designed to make training with your dog safe and effective.

- The metal adjustment slider has a loop for dog tags and charms.

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Canine Choke Collar


The basic dog training collar goes by many names, including choke collar, choke chain, training collar, correction collar and slip collar. These training collars are among the most popular and most commonly used tools with both amateur and professional dog trainers.

While a training collar is an effective tool, like any tool it must be used properly in order to be effective for you and safe for the dog. Among the most important considerations when using a training collar are:

How the collar fits the dog. It is essential that the training collar be properly fitted to the dog. A properly fitted training collar is easier to use and safer for the dog.

Putting the training collar on properly. There is a right way and a wrong way to fit a training collar, and putting it on wrong will make it both ineffective and potentially dangerous.

Using the collar properly. A training collar should be used as a sharp reminder to the dog, not as punishment. It is important that constant pressure be avoided when using a training collar.

The weight of the chain and the size of the links on the training collar. It is important that the weight of the chain be appropriate to the size and weight of the dog.

The placement of the collar on the dog. It is important to properly place the collar on the dog.

Properly sizing and measure the dog for a training collar

It is best to measure the dog’s neck with a tape measure, then add 2 to 3 inches to that measurement. So if your dog has a neck 12′ in diameter, you would want to buy a training collar that is 14′ in length. Chain slip collars are generally sized in two inch increments.

Warnings :

Never leave a dog unattended in a choke chain. Take it off the dog immediately after use.

Tip :

Make certain that choke chain releases easily when slackened.

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