All4pets Palm Pad For Dogs & Cats

- It helps to bathe pets and massage.

- Special tool which is easier and more gentle than brushing.

- Hand washable.

- Used for fine look to the pet's fur.

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All4pets Palm Pad

Your dog loves it when you pet him, rub his belly, and scratch behind his ears. But dogs, like humans, also love it when you give them massages.

Benefits of pet massage

- Stress and anxiety reduction: Dogs can easily get stressed or anxious. It could be a loud noise, a thunderstorm, or the glimpse of a cat. Regardless of the reason, a massage can ease your dog’s tension and relax him into comfort so he forgets about his worries.

- Healing aid: If your dog has hurt herself, then a massage might be just what the vet orders. Massaging your dog can help to rehabilitate, reduce pain and swelling, heal strains and sprains faster, and keep scar tissue to a minimum.

- Improves body functions: A massage can increase your dog’s circulation, decrease blood pressure, improve lymphatic fluid movement, strengthen his immune system, aid digestion, stimulate the kidneys and liver, and encourage deeper breathing.

- Promotes overall well-being: When humans get a massage, they feel refreshed, balanced, and revitalized. Your pet will feel the same way after you give her a good rub down.

- Strengthens your bond and relationship: A massage may be a new concept for your dog, but once he realizes how great it feels and that you’re the one making him feel great, your bond and relationship will be that much deeper.

Description :

Palm Pad for Pets help bathe pets and massage them simultaneously at home. This special tool is easier and more gentle than brushing. It is also great for use on dogs, cats and rabbits. It is hand washable and you will fall in love with the bright pink shade of the pad. The ALL4PETS Palm Pad For Dogs & Cats will be easy to manage and assist you in bringing about a fine look to the dog’s fur or coat. ALL4PETS is the maker of high end dog and cat grooming accessories that are sure to bring about a fine change in your pet’s life.


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