Al4Pets Plastic Bowl for Dogs and Cats

- Great pet bowls for parks, travel, walk, trains and daily feeds.

- Non-toxic, non-allergic, lightweight plastic bowl for fast feeding.

- Ideal for dogs and cats.

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Al4Pets Plastic Bowl


Made with durable plastic, portable and full resistant. Convenience to feeding and watering. Suitable for daily use and travel.


- Works as a dinner set with food or water.

- Reduce stress on your pets while eating, promotes digestive health and makes mealtime more comfortable.

- No need to worry about this feeder will be warping or cracking if your cats or dogs are messy drinker.

- Great pet bowls for parks, travel, walk, trains and daily feeds.

Why Choosing the Right Dog Bowl Is Important

Do you have a long-eared dog? Does your dog have a short nose? When buying a dog bowl, most dog owners will usually base their decision on factors like durability, price, or even stylishness. But did you know different dog bowls are designed to meet the needs of different types of dogs?

The right dog bowl can help your dog eat slower, improve its posture, and even relieve stress on its joints. 

How Often Do I Wash My Dog Bowls?

In a perfect world, you would wash your dog’s food and water bowls after every use. It sounds like a lot of work, but imagine the same scenario with your own dishes eating every meal off of an unwashed dish. Yep, pretty gross. Now that you’ve got that image in your head, start washing bowls in the morning and at night.

Not only do dirty dog dishes look gross, but they can also be hazardous to your pooch’s health. Both water and food bowls can become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that’ll make your dog sick. That’s why it’s time to clean up your act and get to scrubbing those dog bowls.

Encouraging Hydration

You might be surprised to know that dehydration in pets is not uncommon. In fact, it’s a problem for many cats who are on a dry diet, which doesn’t allow for the benefit of the higher moisture content found in canned foods.

A pet water fountain is one of the best ways to entice your cat (and sometimes dog), as most pets prefer drinking from moving water. Even if you have a standard water bowl, make sure to clean and replace the bowl with fresh water each day.


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