Pup Start Puppy Weaning Food

- Formulated for healthy growth and development with high quality protein.

- Improves the weight gain, tastes delicious and offers superior digestibility.

- To prevent nutritional deficiency conditions in growing puppies.

- Keeps your pup active.

- For all pup's and kitten's above 15 days of birth.

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Pup Start


Pup Start is a complete dietary food for your Puppy that gives all essentials vitamins and minerals as in a mother's milk. A complete food for young growing puppies and kittens. For all pup's and kitten's above 15 days of birth.

Ingredients : Milk Solids.Rice Flour,Whey Protein,Natural Fiber,Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals.


- Can be given to both dogs and cats,helps promote healthy skeleton.

- Lactating dogs/cats can also take this as they reqiure high levels of milk supplements during gestation.

- Also suited  for animals with glutten allergy.

- Also useful during transition from mother’s milk.

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