Petkin Aromatherapy Fragrance - Lavender (Freshener and Deodorizer) for Dogs - 150 ml

- Spa fragrance provides a spa fresh feeling anytime.

- Lavender scent.

- Leaves coat soft, managable and smelling sweet.

- With Aromatherapy Essences.

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Petkin Aromatherapy Fragrance - Lavender


Your pet can start developing an odor within a few days of you giving it a bath. This spa fragrance will take care of that. Just spray this spa fragrance from Petkin on your pet and massage it well on to the skin. The result a fresh smelling pet  and the natural goodness of lavender will help to soothe any skin eruptions.

Naturally freshens and deodorizes with aromatherapy essences that leave your pet smelling and feeling great.

Pampering Your Dog With Its Own Cologne

Giving your dog his own perfume is definitely the next step in grooming. It is more than just giving him a bath and getting his coat trimmed. Dog perfume is a whole new level of pampering your animal buddy.

Dog perfumes and colognes have evolved to meet the needs of consumers with four-legged friends. Since perfumes are considered an accessory, like outfits and jewelries, the way you dress and pamper your dog reflects your personal style. So if are into perfumes, you can now buy one exclusively for your dog.

Most dog perfumes temporarily cover up bad smells and leaves coat soft, managable and smelling sweet.

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