Lozalo Deodorizing Powder, Musk - 150 gm

- Exotic fragrance.

- Takes care of body odour.

- Keeps pet fresh all the time.

- An anti tick and flea deodorant powder.

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Lozalo Deodorizing Powder, Musk

Tick and Flea Powder for Pets – How It Works and When to Use It

This flea treatment product is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a powder that you sprinkle on the fur of your pet to get rid of fleas. By applying flea powder on your pet, you can exterminate all living fleas in a couple of days. The powder works as long as it remains on your pet and it would be best to apply it outside your home, as long as it’s not windy. Follow the instructions on the flea powder package. It’s probably easier to use if you have a dog than a cat, because cats usually lick their fur. If they eat large amounts of flea powder, they can get breathing problems, so beware of this. Dogs don’t lick themselves as much as cats do, but you can’t prevent it unless you observe them 24/7, which you obviously can’t.

Advantages :

- Flea powders are effective against fleas, ticks and other parasites.

- It is safe, non toxic and effective. They kill and repel fleas/ticks on contact and prevent new infestations.

- Flea powders for pets are easy to use and can be liberally dusted on the pet safely. You should apply it in the bathroom or in the yard. This way, if your pet tries to shake it off, you won’t get it on your furniture.

- It can also be dusted on carpets, pet’s bedding, socks and other areas of the house to kill flea eggs and adult fleas.

- You could apply it on window sills and around doors to repel fleas, cockroaches, bugs, flies etc.

Description :

Lozalo Herbomineral Deodorant Powder for Dogs & Cats with exotic fragrances, takes care of body odour and keeps pet fresh all the time.

Key Ingredients : Neem Extract 1%, Tulsi Extract 1% In Mineral Base, Exotic Fragrances

Designed for both cats as well as dogs, Lozalo Deodorant Powder is an anti tick and flea deodorant powder in an exotic lavender scented fragrance. It should be used only as a deodorizing powder from neck to tail when the coat of fur is dry. With all-natural ingredients like 1% Neem extract and 1% Tulsi extract in mineral, it is 100% safe to use and gentle on the skin, while still being very effective at preventing tick and flee infestations. For a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance that keeps ticks and bad odour at bay, use twice daily.

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