Kittos Cat Treat, Sunfish and Chicken Twirls - 35 gm

- It is suitable for cats of all breeds from 2 months onwards.

- No added sugar.

- Highly nutritional and digestable.

- Store food in a cool dry place.

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Kittos Sunfish and Chicken


Kittos Cat Treats is an ideal treat for your fur babies as the product is an assortment of Fish (40%), Chicken (57.3%), and other ingredients. It also includes 45 percent protein, a good percentage of FatAsh and Fibre needed to fulfill the daily requirements.

The product comes in five different flavors including Sunfish & Chicken Twirls, Chicken Jerky Strips, Snapper Jerky Strips, Salmon Rings, Tuna Jerky Strips, that is a perfect treat for cats.

About Kittos, it is a brand dealing in pet products under the company named Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co. Ltd. which is a leading China-Based Company.


Highly Nutritional: Searching a treat with nutritional value in it? Then, Kittos Cat Treats is a right choice. The product is highly nutritional containing an apt percentage of all the nutrients for the daily requirement of your cat.

Highly Digestible: The product has an apt amount of fibre that is easily digestible and helps in improving digestion as well.

No Added Sugar: The Product contains all-natural flavors and guarantees no added sugar.

Fuss Free: The product comes in a resealable bag that eradicates the possibility of spill and fuss.

Meat Treat: Talking about the treat part, the product contains a good percent of Meat in it. This product will be a perfect treat for your meat lover cat.

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